JustWIND - just right for rural communities like yours

JustWIND, LLC is an independent and privately-held Community Wind Farm Developer.

We invest our time and energy into partnering with landowners to develop projects that will serve not only the Landowners but your entire Community for years to come. We believe that power belongs in the hands of the Community. We understand rural landowners and have your Community’s best interests at heart. Our unique payment structure and profit sharing plan is what differentiates us from other developers.

Power to the People
When JustWIND comes to town, you will notice a difference in our approach. We’re a grass-roots developer, keen on putting the power back into the hands of the people. We know your land is your livelihood and we respect your ownership.

We believe North Dakota will be the number one wind power provider in the U.S. and we want its communities to reap the rewards from this new industry. Wind power is the new cash crop for North Dakota farmers and landowners. This valuable resource has the potential to transform rural communities and be a continuing source of revenue.

Wind Farms provide numerous economic benefits to rural communities such as the local tax revenue generated and sustainable employment for future generations enabling young people to remain and prosper in their community.
Wind Power is Green Power
Wind power produces no emissions or waste. Unlike traditional power sources such as coal, natural gas or nuclear power, wind power does not release any harmful by-products or pollution into the air or soil during the energy production process. Wind power is clean, green power and it's a renewable natural resource. When you lease your wind rights to us, we help you turn your wind into a valuable cash crop. It’s money you can bank on and energy America can use.

That’s true green power!